This trailer guide is not all inclusive, Edwards can offer multiple multi-axle trailers for one project or additional configurations based upon your specific requirements.

Specialized Trailers

Extendible Flatbed
25 Ton Extendible Lowboy
35 Ton Extendible Lowboy
Extendible Drop Deck
40 Ton Goldhofer
50 Ton Lowboy Tandem, Tri or Quad Axle
75 Ton Extendible Drop Deck
Drop Deck Tandem Axle
35 Ton Double Drop Tandem Axle
40 and 50 Ton Drop Deck Tri Axle
48' Curtainside Flatbed
48' Curtainside Drop Deck

Multi-Axle Trailers

65 Ton Flat and Depressed Well 9 Axle
65 Ton Flat and Depressed Well 11 Axle
80 Ton Flat Deck and Depressed well 13 Axle
80 and 85 Ton 13 Axle
100 Ton 19 Axle
150 Ton Flat and Depressed Well 19 Axle
150 / 200 Ton Dual Lane